Rockstar Sends Out Another Red Dead Teaser Image

Following yesterday’s teaser image featuring the Rockstar logo with an all-red background, Rockstar Games posted an image today featuring seven cowboys, seemingly confirming that a new Red Dead game is on the way.

Proving how much people want a new Red Dead, today’s new image already has over 36,000 retweets and over 50,000 likes on Twitter, while yesterday’s is sitting at over 105,000 retweets and over 181,000 likes.

In potentially unrelated news, Rockstar parent company Take-Two filed a trademark for something called Ghost Story back on October 6. No details are known about what Ghost Story is, but the trademark covers things like video games, movies, and clothing.

We don’t know when Rockstar is planning on announcing a new Red Dead, but it will likely be before Take-Two reports their quarterly financials on Wednesday, November 2.

What do you think the next Red Dead should be called?

[Source: Rockstar Games, USPTO via GameRant, GameSpot]