Star Wars Battlefront VR Mission to Be a Free Update, Free DLC Trial Coming in November

Those who bought PlayStation VR headsets, chances are a lot of you are looking forward to the upcoming Star Wars Battlefront VR content, Rogue One: X-Wing VR Mission. While you do need Star Wars Battlefront to be able to play the VR experience (and of course, a PSVR), gamers will be able to play it for free come launch.

Over on its official Star Wars site, EA confirmed that the Rogue One VR experience will be free to all owners of Star Wars Battlefront.

Coming this holiday, players can put themselves in the cockpit of an X-wing with PlayStation VR in the Star WarsTM BattlefrontTM Rogue OneTM: X-wing VR Mission, free to all owners of Star Wars™ Battlefront™.

Additionally, EA has also announced that a 4x XP boost event will happen this coming November and along with it, free trial for Battlefront’s Outer Rim, Bespin and Death Star expansions!

We will also continue to support Star Wars Battlefront with more in-game events and giveaways.  From free trial weekends to double score events and more, there’s always something going on in the world of Star Wars Battlefront. In fact, we’re kicking off a 4X score event, as well as free trials of Outer Rim, Bespin, and Death Star for all players.  Both events run from November 18 through November 20. Be sure to keep an eye on our Live Events page to see what else is coming up in-game.

Finally, details surrounding Battlefront’s final expansion pack titled “Rogue One: Scarif, has been shared as well.

Finally, we are excited to share some of the first details with you about the 4th upcomingStar Wars Battlefront expansion pack, Rogue One: Scarif. This December, you’ll be able to discover characters, maps, and more from the upcoming movie in this exciting new digital expansion, featuring the tropical planet of Scarif. Prepare to band together on the battlefront for an epic Star Wars adventure.

There you go, Battlefront fans. Lots of stuff coming to the game very soon. Personally, I can’t wait to try the VR mission to see if it’ll let me live my dreams of being Luke and taking out the Death Star.

[Source: Star Wars EA]