Ready at Dawn Reflects Upon The Order 1886, Says the IP Has a Future

In an interesting interview with Game Informer, Ready at Dawn’s Ru Weerasuriya and Andrea Pessino reflected upon the development, release and reception of its PlayStation-4 exclusive, The Order 1886, stating that the IP has a future.

The studio recognizes the game’s shortcomings in light of underwhelming critic and user reviews but says that it learned a lot of lessons, which include seeking feedback through various methods like focus groups during development. When asked about sales figures, Ready at Dawn said it did discuss numbers with Sony but it’s unable to share them or reveal whether the game met expectations or not.

As for The Order 1886‘s future, Weerasuriya didn’t seem like he want to give anything away but did settle for saying that he believes the IP does have a future. “It’s definitely built into the IP,” he said. “That future is already something that was built from the very get go – from the first day we started working on it.”

The game has a larger story line, which can pave way for future installments should there ever be one. However, whether Sony wants to remain involved or not is something Ready at Dawn says only the company can answer.

Would our readers want to see a sequel or an entirely new game?

[Source: Game Informer (YouTube)]