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Ready at Dawn Reflects Upon The Order 1886, Says the IP Has a Future

RAD learned a lot of lessons from The Order 1886.

The Order 1886 Made Ready at Dawn “Smarter,” Ru Weerasuriya is Proud of Studio’s Achievements

It broke technical boundaries.

Ready at Dawn Hires New CEO, Plans On Releasing Games for PS4, Xbox One, PC & “One Other Unannounced Platform”

That unannounced platform will be revealed “soon.”

Watch How Ready at Dawn Created Victorian London for The Order: 1886

Used real world techniques from photography and cinematography.

Ready at Dawn Studios Talks Risks, Gearbox Software Talks Trust

The development of AAA indie titles.

Ready at Dawn CEO: Games Coming Out in the Future Will Look “So Much Better” Than The Order: 1886

He’s excited about this generation and how things are going to look better and play better.

The Order 1886 Goes Gold, Pre-Order DLC Detailed

Get ready!

PlayStation Experience – The Order: 1886 New Gameplay Video Demoed, Gunfights Galore

Galahad brings the hurt!

Ready at Dawn Claims The Order: 1886 Was Designed to Showcase the PS4’s Power

They’re succeeding so far.