Ready at Dawn Studios Talks Risks, Gearbox Software Talks Trust

After the DICE conference, which took place a few weeks ago, Games Industry talked to Ready at Dawn Studios CEO Ru Weerasuriya and Gearbox Software CEO Randy Pitchford separately about developing AAA indie titles.

Weerasuriya spoke about taking risks when developing games, like the Ready at Dawn title The Order: 1886, and trying the develop something unique with a limited budget. Or, at least limited in terms of the costs of other AAA titles.

It’s not easy and I think you choose your battles. You choose what matters to you and what decisions you want to make and ultimately that was it. It is true that it’s hard, but it’s also who we are. More than anything, I think that’s what’s important right now… That little fear that you have in you as an independent drives you to put some things on the line that you would not normally, take risks that you would not otherwise.

Meanwhile, Pitchford discussed trust, and how by trying to give people good deals, mutual respect and trust can be established.

The key is respecting the value that other people are bringing. Giving them a return on that value. Not being too greedy about it. I think that people that partner with Gearbox will probably report that that’s a really good thing to do from a business perspective. They tend to do really well when they partner with us.

What do you think of the developers’ quotes? Do you agree with them?

[Source: Games Industry]