The Order 1886 Goes Gold, Pre-Order DLC Detailed

Here’s one game that isn’t joining the list of delayed titles this year. Ru Weerasuriya of Ready At Dawn has confirmed on Twitter that The Order 1886 has gone gold. Released yesterday, the video above details pre-order DLC and shows a compilation of player reactions from the game’s airship demo at the 2014 PlayStation Experience event

Those who opt to pre-order will receive the Knight’s Arsenal and Knight’s Endurance pack. Knight’s Arsenal includes:

  • Red Lightning Pack: Red Knight uniform with Arc Rifle Prototype
  • Arsonist Pack: Black Knight uniform with Arsonist Rifle

Knight’s Endurance pack is GameStop exclusive, and comes with:

  • Desert Khaki Infiltration Field Uniform
  • Endless Blackwater
  • Blacksight Regeneration

Pre-ordering from GameStop will get you both DLC packs. 

The Order 1886 is out on February 20. 

[Source: Ru Weerasuriya (Twitter), PlayStation (YouTube), VG247]