Final Fantasy XV Inspired Game Lost Soul Aside is Now a Timed PS4 Exclusive

Back in August, we reported on a one-person project called Lost Soul Aside, under development by Korean indie developer, Yang Bing. It was a private project, which caught everyone’s attention when a video was posted on YouTube, leading companies like Sony to contact Bing.

In his latest update, the developer has informed fans that he’s currently receiving support from Sony and is working to finish the game with a few other developers by 2018. As a result, Lost Soul Aside will be a timed PlayStation 4-exclusive. Bing didn’t reveal anything else except that the game will feature multiple weapons.

Hey friends, I got some messages asking about the progress, actually I have got support from Sony and will work on it with some other devs.

So there will be a time exclusive on PS4, and there will be multi weapons, will try to finish the game in 2018, thank you.

Are our readers happy to hear this?

[Source: Yang Bing (Twitter)]