Telltale Games: “2017 Is Just Going to Look Even Better” Than 2016

In 2016, Telltale Games continued Minecraft: Story Mode, helped release a Mr. Robot mobile game, began Batman: The Telltale Series (and will finish it), and will start The Walking Dead Season 3. Even with so many titles this year, 2017 will still be busier, Creative Communication Head Job Stauffer revealed to MCV.

As Stauffer explained, 2017 will see the continuation of The Walking Dead Season 3, the start of the Marvel project, and more unannounced projects – and as a result of this busy schedule, they’ve had to hold off on doing certain projects:

Humbly, yes, it has come to that situation. Regrettably, we cannot produce everything that we’d love to make, or our partners would love us to work on. We have to be very selective. It’s a great position to be in. That’s what has helped make 2016 such an incredible year with Mr Robot, Walking Dead, Minecraft and Batman… and 2017 is just going to look even better. Walking Dead will be continuing into the New Year, the Marvel project will kick off next year, there are more projects we haven’t announced yet and there is original IP in our future. It is the best time in Telltale’s very long history.

It’s also very possible that 2017 will see the start of Game of Thrones Season 2, which was confirmed in late 2015.

Telltale isn’t just making games, they’re also publishing them under the Telltale Publishing label. One of these is 7 Days to Die, which launched on consoles earlier this year to poor reviews (it’s sitting at a 45 on Metacritic) but became a mainstay on the digital and retail sales charts. According to Stauffer, “It has actually been one of our biggest releases at retail that we have ever shipped. It is a tremendously fun, survival horror crafting game that took Steam by storm. We knew there was an opportunity to bring it to a bigger audience on console, so we thought we’d help.”

Telltale is putting the majority of their focus on games made in-house, but Stauffer says you’ll see more collaborations in the near future:

We are very fortunate to be in this position where we get to curate and pick and choose the games that we want to bring to our fans.

Our predominate focus will be what we are making in-house. But you will be seeing more publishing and creative collaborations in the coming months.

What else do you hope to see from Telltale in 2017?

[Source: MCV UK]