Final Fantasy XV Goes Gold, Online Multiplayer Announced as DLC

Meaning development is now complete and there won’t be any further delays, Final Fantasy XV has gone gold, Square Enix announced today.

To celebrate gold status, they released a new CG cinematic trailer today, titled Omen. From Digic Pictures, an animation studio who worked on Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV, Omen is inspired by the game’s world and story and “depicts a nightmarish “omen” for Noctis’ father King Regis – a catastrophic future that must be avoided.”

Now that Final Fantasy XV is complete, the focus now shifts to the post-launch DLC, which you’ll be able to buy separately or in the $24.99 USD Season Pass. Here’s what to expect from the original episodes starring Gladiolus, Ignis, and Prompto:

The main focus of the Season Pass is three original episodes that take place during the events of Final Fantasy XV. Each episode allows players to take control of one of Noctis’ comrades in all-new adventures that offer unique play styles tailored to each character. Players can explore previously unseen areas filled with new monsters, and even obtain weapons that can later be used in the main game. Episode Gladiolus is the first new character adventure to arrive, and will be followed by Episode Ignis and Episode Prompto.

After all three episodes are released, Square Enix will bring out Comrades, an expansion pack that adds an online co-op mode for up to four players. Letting you take control of Noctis, Gladio, Prompto and Ignis as a group, Comrades will be included in the Season Pass, or you can get it separately.

The post-launch DLC is being managed by Haruyoshi Sawatari, a Producer at Business Division 2. Final Fantasy XV Game Director Hajime Tabata will oversee the content, while core members of the FFXV team will lead development.

Final Fantasy XV releases on November 29 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.