Gran Turismo Sport PS4 Pro Version Will Utilize 1800p Checkerboard Rendering

Gran Turismo series’ creator Kazunori Yamauchi has revealed in a presentation that Gran Turismo Sport‘s PlayStation 4 Pro version will run at 4K with 1800p checkerboard resolution, HDR and wide color support. Videogamer reports that the game will display a 64 percent increase in color space over sRGB. As a result, Yamauchi says that Gran Turismo Sport will be the first title in the series that accurately reflects Ferrari’s distinctive red color.

Ferrari’s red was a color that was outside the color space up until now. With Gran Turismo Sport on Pro, the red of the Ferrari is accurately represented. All the McLaren cars, the color is outside of the color space that’s been represented in the past.

Back in August, Gran Turismo Sport was delayed to 2017 from its November 2016 release window. Polyphony Digital said at the time that it didn’t want to compromise players’ experience in any way.

A new release date has yet to be announced.

[Source: Videogamer, Eurogamer]