Double Fine Dismisses Brutal Legend 2 Reports

Last week, an image was posted on a Facebook page dedicated to Brutal Legend, which seemed to tease a sequel. Captioned “Ormagöden Lives,” the image was picked up by Double Fine’s Lee Petty, who re-posted it via Twitter, which resulted in people assuming that an announcement was imminent. Turns out, it was just a fan post and Petty was merely sharing the image.

“Today in killjoy news: This was a fan site posting, and nothing to do with us. Sorry if you got excited!” Double Fine wrote. “Hey, there is no Brutal Legend 2. I was just sharing some artwork and fondly remembering Brutal Legend! Sorry for the confusion!” Petty added.

In a separate tweet, however, Double Fine said that it’s not saying Brutal Legend 2 is never going to happen but there’s nothing in the pipeline at the moment. Apparently, the studio will be occupied with Psychonauts 2 for “ages.”

[Source: Double Fine, Lee Petty (Twitter) via GameSpot]