Ex-Battlefield Devs’ New Game Will “Hopefully” Come to Consoles

Former Battlefield developers (David Goldfarb and Ben Cousins), who recently formed The Outsiders, unveiled their new game last week. Codenamed Project Wight, it puts players in control of an intelligent monster whose kind has been brought to extinction by humanity.

While the developer didn’t reveal what platforms Project Wight is headed to, it said in response to a comment on YouTube that the game will be “PC-first.” In a separate comment on its Facebook page, The Outsiders said that it’ll “hopefully” land on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One as well.

The video above offers a sneak peek for those who are interested.

Details about Project Wight are understandably still short but in an interview with Kotaku last week, Goldfarb and Cousins said that the game is being developed using Unity and they want to show that the engine can deliver production values on par with AAA games.

What do our readers think of the project so far?

[Source: TheOutsiders (Facebook), Kotaku]