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Buyer’s Guide – What 4K TV to Buy for PS4 Pro

It’s hard to believe that the PS4 Pro is almost here, and we PlayStation loyalists will be able to experience the lovely PlayStation 4 games in 4K resolution with high-dynamic range (HDR). If you already have a 4K TV, then chances are you aren’t shopping for another one. But if you are in the market for a 4K TV, then we have you covered for the best 4K TVs with HDR capability—please note that not all 4K TVs have HDR functionality. The PS4 Pro supports HDR, so you might as well get a TV that supports it too if you’re buying a new TV.

Please also note that while I list prices for TVs smaller than 60 inches, Sony has indirectly suggested that to get the most out of your 4K experience with the PS4 Pro, you need a TV of at least 60 inches:

Unofficially, the staff of PlayStation.Blog has observed good results in average living rooms with 4K TVs sized 60’’ and up. If you’re in the market for a new 4K TV for PS4 Pro, we strongly recommend selecting a model with HDR10 compatibility, which will enable increased image vividness and contrast in HDR10-enabled games and movies.

The HDR10 recommendation is also just as important.

PS4 Pro TV Display

Unfortunately, as amazingly beautiful as 4K TVs are, they aren’t 100% up to snuff with video games just yet. Unlike 4K monitors, 4K TVs with HDR suffer from input lag. Most people won’t notice the input lag, but I can guarantee you fighting game players and competitive online shooter gamers definitely will sense the delay. It’s in microseconds, which doesn’t seem like it would be significant, but any fighting game fan will tell you that those microseconds are precious when it comes to hitting those frames in online matches.

Without further ado, here are the 4K TVs with HDR10 compatibility that we recommend. They are not ranked by price, but by input lag. Be advised that the TVs with the lowest input lag are not necessarily the TVs with the highest quality 4K and/or HDR gaming experiences.

So who’s ready to buy a new TV? Or do you think it’s wisest to wait until the HDR technology improves so that the input lag will also improve?

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