PS4 Pro Info – Everything You Need to Know

Meet the PS4 Pro. You know it, of course; it’s Sony’s imminent new hardware that’s all but set to introduce the PlayStation faithful to HDR gaming and, ultimately, a smoother, visually resplendent experience. In case you haven’t checked it yet, check out our PS4 Pro hardware review to see what we think of it so far.

First unveiled at the official PlayStation Meeting in September, questions have been raised as to whether PS4 Pro is a big enough step in the right direction, a gnawing niggle that’s arguably been exacerbated by the oncoming Project Scorpio. But Microsoft’s console is still some ways away — fall 2017 being the likely launch window — lending Sony the opportunity to exert its dominance in the console market once more, perhaps even reversing those NPD fortunes in the process.

And so, the hardware previously codenamed PlayStation Neo, PS4K and/or PS4.5 is teetering on the verge of launch, and when it does, it’ll be the most powerful console hardware on the market. No small feat, and in our latest entry of Everything You Need to Know, we here at PSLS have compiled an overview of the PS4 Pro, shedding light on everything from checkerboard rendering to forward compatibility.

Come November 10, PS4 Pro will touch down in the market, ensuring Sony is in possession of “the most powerful console out there.” Will it be enough to sway consumers? We’ll see. In the meantime, you can share your preliminary thoughts below.

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