Sony on PS4 Pro: Next Week “We’ll Have the Most Powerful Console Out There”

In addition to No Man’s Sky, Sony Interactive Entertainment America President Shawn Layden also talked about PlayStation 4 Pro in last night’s Live with YouTube Gaming. Asked by Geoff Keighley who he thinks will buy a PS4 Pro starting next week on November 10, Layden replied:

PlayStation 4 Pro is sort of a manifestation of our desire to continue to innovate the platform even between generations. We were able to find that we could create a system which would support all PlayStation 4 content as we know it – and going forward – but would allow more horsepower under the hood, it would provide a 1TB [hard drive], it would allow developers to perhaps increase frame-rates, or increase resolutions – the game is the same. There’s no ‘this is a Pro game, and this is a PS4 game.’ They are the same. So, whatever game you purchase, whether it’s for the $299, more compact size PlayStation 4 on the market now or the Pro, you’re totally fine. Also, PlayStation VR doesn’t require Pro to operate.

[…] It really is for people who are just looking for a bit more horsepower under the hood, who perhaps have made investments in 4K televisions or HDR-supporting TVs and want to have that as well. Or maybe people just need a 1TB drive.

After Keighley brought up the fact that Sony is telling developers to keep supporting the standard PS4 model, Layden said, “The platform is PS4. And Pro is just a little added oomph.” Asked if this practice would limit developers, Layden added:

I think developers will push all the time. But I think it’s really important that we maintain a standardized platform. So when fans buy into a platform they can feel confident that it will be there, it will perform for them for a number of years.

Even though neither platform is officially available to the public yet (and Project Scorpio isn’t out until next year), both Sony and Microsoft have said their hardware revision is the most powerful. Giving his perspective on Microsoft possibly having a more powerful console, Layden said, “All I know is a week from today we’ll have the most powerful console out there.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Layden said they’re “really happy” with how PlayStation VR is selling so far and they’re hoping to get more product in stores.

On next week’s episode of Live with YouTube Gaming, The Last Guardian’s Fumito Ueda will be a guest.

[Source: Gameslice]