Watch Dogs 2 Update 1.02 Is 2.3GB on PS4

If you’re picking up Watch Dogs 2 tomorrow, November 15 for PlayStation 4, there’s a 2.31GB update waiting for you to download. Here’s what’s included:

  • Fixed multiple quest givers (NPCs) in the Hacker Space
  • Stability and crash fixes
  • Leaderboard rank divisions correction

The PS4’s Update History section doesn’t include details on Watch Dogs 2 update 1.02, and instead says to visit for the latest updates and patch notes, but there doesn’t appear to be anything up yet. The Watch Dogs 2 section of the Ubisoft Forums also doesn’t include anything about patch notes yet.

As Ubisoft recently revealed in a statement, they’ve disabled the “seamless multiplayer” features in Watch Dogs 2, as they’ve caused issues with lag and crashing. While a new game update is in certification with Sony and Microsoft, there’s no guarantee it’ll be available in time for launch tomorrow, but Ubisoft is confident it will be.

For those picking up a digital copy of Watch Dogs 2, it’s now available for pre-load on PS4 and takes up just over 27GB, though the patches will increase the download size.

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