Check Out Watch Dogs 2’s Map Size and 40 Minutes of Gameplay

Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs 2 is out next Tuesday but if you’re curious to see how big the game’s map is or just want to check out some fresh gameplay, then the videos below will be of interest to you. While folks over at PlayStation Access check out the map from end to end, PlayStation’s official YouTube channel has published 40 minutes of gameplay for our viewing pleasure. Without further ado, here they are:

In a recent interview with MCV, Ubisoft promised a better game from the original including a narrative that’ll be much deeper. “The development team listened to players and have worked very hard to implement changes based on that feedback into the next installment,” said marketing director Mark Slaughter. Players will also have more choice on how to approach various challenges.

For those waiting for reviews, the embargo will lift on November 14 at 3am PT/6am ET. Barring unforeseen circumstances, you can expect ours around the same time as well.

[Source: PlayStation Access, PlayStation Underground, MCV]