Mantis Burn Racing Update 1.02 Brings Single-Screen Multiplayer, Online AI Drivers

Released for PlayStation 4 in October, Mantis Burn Racing from VooFoo Studios received its first major update today, adding a new single-screen multiplayer event, a new online Lobby system, the ability to race with AI drivers online, and more.

A 316MB download, here’s what’s included in Mantis Burn Racing update 1.02 for PS4:

  • New ‘Spotlight’ event added – Play single-screen multiplayer in a battle to remain within the spotlight and be the final racer standing!
  • AI drivers can now be selected to fill the grid of online races
  • Extensive online stability improvements
  • Improved online lobby structure to allow players to race against AI while their lobby fills with human opponents
  • PlayStation Activity feeds added
  • Punching Above Your Weight, The Bigger They Are, and I’ll Bring it Back Without a Scratch Trophies now never blocked from being unlocked
  • New Far camera option
  • Players XP level now displayed in online lobbies
  • Gear reward summary now shown post-race
  • Online leader board now shown post-race
  • Improved car-to-car collision physics
  • Mechanic tutorials added for Overtake and Hotlap events as well as x2 upgrades
  • Boost colour now shown dynamically in the garage
  • Improved vehicle stat bar calculation
  • Option to permanently show players online IDs above their vehicle
  • Ability to fast switch between career seasons
  • Highlighted career events now auto-scroll when joystick held in any direction
  • Time bonus for overtaking vehicles in the weekly Overtake challenge
  • XP line UI graphic tweaks
  • Weekly Challenge distance units now change dynamically with players selection
  • Overtake bug fixed that could cause the event to end prematurely
  • Improved logic for vehicle overtaking
  • Frame rate performance enhancements
  • AI tweaks
  • Audio tweaks
  • General bug fixes and polish
  • Fixed an issue where certain trophies would be unlocked at the wrong times
  • Fixed a potential crash when changing screen resolution
  • Minor cosmetic bug fixes

As Technology Director Mark Williams revealed, VooFoo is planning on supporting Mantis Burn Racing for quite some time. “We’re committed to supporting Mantis Burn Racing long-term and we want to encourage and support the multiplayer community, so we’re really pleased that today’s update brings some notable improvements to the online experience for our players,” he said.

In the future, VooFoo is hoping to add Friends leaderboards.

The PC version of Mantis Burn Racing also received an update today, with the Xbox One version set to get one soon.

[Source: VooFoo Studios]