PS4 Pro: PES 2017 & Mantis Burn Racing Will Support It, Destiny: Rise of Iron Might Not

Many developers have already announced that they’ll be taking advantage of the PlayStation 4 Pro when it launches on November 10, but it looks like Bungie won’t be one of them – at least not right away. Speaking in a roundtable interview attended by GameSpot, Bungie revealed that they don’t have any plans to add PS4 Pro support to Destiny: Rise of Iron:

No [we aren’t planning on any support for PS4 Pro], not for Rise of Iron. We’re all done. As far as the future… We have nothing to announce today, but we’ll certainly be looking at it.

Other titles that will support the PS4 Pro include PES 2017 and Mantis Burn Racing. As Konami revealed on Twitter, PES 2017 will be getting a forward compatibility update shortly after launch:

Delighted to announce that #PES2017 will be supporting the PS4 Pro soon after launch.

As for Mantis Burn Racing, which is “coming soon” to PS4 and Xbox One, developer VooFoo Studios confirmed full native 4K support at 60 frames-per-second:

Mantis Burn Racing will take the massive 4K resolution offered by the PS4 Pro to add incredible extra detail to the vehicles and environments and present a full 1080p view for each player in 4-player split-screen racing in one of the most immersive racing experiences available to gamers.

VooFoo Technology Director Mark Williams adds that Mantis Burn Racing on PS4 Pro will be able to deliver “full native 4K whilst maintaining 60FPS without using checkerboard techniques or having to reduce any of our effects.”

[Source: GameSpot, Official PES (Twitter), VooFoo Studios]