PS4 pro deal

The PS4 Pro is Only $299 on Amazon Right Now, Other Video Game Deals

The PS5 is coming later this year, but there’s currently a great deal running on the PS4 Pro. Sony rarely discounts the mid-gen console upgrade, but this PS4 Pro deal knocks 25% off the price, taking it down to a Black Friday-level $299. That’s $100 off a console that doesn’t often see it’s price fall below its $400 retail. There’s no telling how long this deal will last though, so it’s best to jump on it as soon as possible.

PS4 Pro Deal

The PS4 Pro deal comes alongside some other great markdowns on Sony products. PlayStation 4 Slims, PS-exclusive and third-party games, and accessories have all had some temporary price reductions.

Other Video Game Deals

2020 is the perfect time to grab a PS4 Pro and catch up on all the games you might have missed this generation. With so many games getting delayed and pushed to the next-generation consoles coming later this year, there’s a lot of room to make a dent in your backlog. We know that the PS5 backwards compatibility will also extend to many PS4 games and accessories, if not all of them, so making the investment now could have you set up with things like a PSVR headset and extra controllers by the time the PS5 launches.

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