Final Fantasy XV Review Embargo Lifts Next Week, Square Enix Talks Leveling Up

If you want to see what critics think of Final Fantasy XV before it launches on November 29, Open Critic has revealed that the review embargo lifts on Monday, November 28 at 9am PT/12pm ET.

To get you ready for next week, Square Enix has released the above 101 trailer, while also detailing 15 things you need to know on the PlayStation Blog. Some of the more interesting things include an overview of the story, which stars Noctis, prince of the kingdom of Lucis. Set to wed Luna, he heads off on a road trip with his three best friends – Prompto, Gladio, and Ignis – to find her, but he gets word that the Niflheim Empire invaded his kingdom and killed his father and fiancée. So, Noctis continues his journey to find out the truth and reclaim the throne.

After mentioning that Final Fantasy XV is completely open world, and the world of Eos spans multiple contents, Square Enix’s Mat Kishimoto discussed combat:

Combat has completely changed in this Final Fantasy. You only control Noctis, but you have four equipment slots for weapons, shields, or magic. The combat is silky smooth and doesn’t require waiting for your turn to attack. You can vary up your attack combinations by using the four equipment slots.

During combat, you’re able to hold down L1 and use the d-pad to call on your teammates to use different abilities, including team-up attacks. In addition to lots of weapon classes and individual weapons, combat also allows you two use elemental magic and ring magic.

Kishimoto continued by explaining how leveling up works in FFXV:

Leveling up does not immediately happen after each battle — take that into account! You’ll need to camp either in the wild at specific locations or designated places in towns like inns. If you die before you remember to camp or collect all the XP you’ve earned, you’ll lose it all!

You’ll also earn Ability Points for completing different activities, which can be used in the Ascension tree:

The Ascension tree is the skill tree in Final Fantasy XV. We’re not using materia or a sphere grid to level up your skills this time around. The way it works is quite simple. After tons of different activities in the game, you’ll earn AP — Ability Points. You use the AP you’ve earned and apply it to level up your character depending on your gameplay style.

But be careful! The AP you earn is for all four party members, so make sure you don’t overpower Noctis and leave Gladio, Prompto, and Ignis out in the cold!

To get around Eos, you use the Regalia, Noctis’s father’s car. You can manually drive it, use auto drive, or do fast travel, and the radio is fully equipped with classic Final Fantasy songs. It can also be customized both aesthetically and functionally.

If you’re planning on buying Final Fantasy XV, don’t forget that there’s a 7GB day one update.

[Source: Open Critic, PlayStation Blog]