Yoshinori Ono: Nobody Said Akuma’s in Street Fighter V, PSX Reveal Will Betray Expectations

Due to potentially distracting background effects, the Skies of Honor stage in Street Fighter V won’t be available for Capcom Cup 2016 or the Capcom Pro Tour 2017 season, Capcom has announced.

After professional player Keoma M. Pacheco wrote a blog post about the problems with the stage, Capcom confirmed the ban this week, telling Event Hubs:

Similar to the Kanzuki Family Beach stage in Street Fighter 5, the Skies of Honor stage represents a new creative direction from the development team and features background effects that may be distracting for competitive tournament play.

For that reason, we will remove it from the list of approved stages on the Capcom Pro Tour and the upcoming Capcom Cup. We hope that our non-tournament players continue to appreciate and enjoy this stage and the unique visual experience it provides.

The Kanzuki Family Beach was banned because of the waves that can cover the bottom of the screen, while the Training stage was banned because it has a grid system to help with spacing.

Earlier this month, it appeared as though Capcom confirmed Akuma for Street Fighter V, with the teaser trailer suggesting he’d be playable at PlayStation Experience 2016. However, in an interview with Famitsu (translated by EventHubs), Producer Yoshinori Ono said, “Nobody said that Akuma’s in the game, [laughs].”

Asked what that video was, Ono replied, “We actually never said that a new character is coming at all. We just said that people would be able to experience what we showed in that video, that’s all, [laughs].”

After confirming that there will be something Street Fighter V-related to experience at PSX, Ono added, “But it’s going to be something that betrays everyone’s expectations, in a good way, I think.” He continued: “A lot of things have been leaked in the past, but we’ve had very strict regulations on this in particular, so please look forward to hearing what we have to announce.”

Ono also confirmed that we’ll be hearing about the 2017 season of Street Fighter V at PSX.

If you live in North America, Street Fighter V is available as part of the Black Friday sale.

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