The King of Fighters XIV Update 1.10 Heralds Graphics Boost

Looks like The King of Fighters XIV is in line for a facelift.

Ahead of the brawler’s appearance at PlayStation Experience 2016 this coming weekend, word of version 1.10 is beginning to surface online. SNK posted the above screenshot to drum up excitement and though the developer is yet to fully detail the imminent patch, upon comparing this picture with the same image from release, fans have unearthed a fairly significant graphics boost. From lighting to a tweaked character model, the difference is there for all to see.

Expect further details regarding balance changes and more to emerge as PSX 2016 draws near. For the sake of comparison, here’s a picture of the original character screen.


Remember, the newest version of The King of Fighters XIV will be playable at PlayStation Experience 2016, which takes place over the weekend of December 3.

[Source: Twitter via NeoGAF]