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Adobe: PS4 Is the Best-Selling Console in the US This Month Through Online Retailers

According to a report from Adobe, Cyber Monday 2016 in the United States is on track to hit a new record of $3.39 billion spent online (up 10.2% year-over-year), surpassing the record $3.34 billion seen on Black Friday 2016. Basing their report on data from 22.6 billion visits on Black Friday and 23 billion visits to retail websites on Cyber Monday, measuring 80% of all online transactions from the top 100 US retailers, Adobe adds that $9.36 billion was spent online during Thanksgiving weekend (up 16.4%).

In terms of quantity, the five best-selling electronics online on Black Friday were iPads, Samsung 4K TVs, MacBook Air, LG TVs, and Xbox One. The five best-selling electronics on Cyber Monday were PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Samsung 4K TVs, iPads, and Amazon Fire.

For the entire holiday season so far (November 1 to 28), Adobe says PS4 is the best-selling video game console in the US through online retailers, while Pokemon Sun and Moon is #1 in video game software sales. Xbox One was the #2 selling console as of November 24, and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare was the #2 selling game as of November 24.

Basing their findings on the more than 300,000 pictures of US receipts sent through their mobile app, InfoScout is reporting that the top seller on Black Friday 2016 (by dollar sales) at Target and Costco was the 500GB Xbox One bundle with Minecraft, while the 500GB PlayStation 4 bundle with Uncharted 4 was #1 at Best Buy.

We’ll know if PS4 won November 2016 through both retail and online stores in the United States when the NPD releases their results in mid-December.

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