Don’t Expect to See Insomniac’s Spider-Man Game This Week

November 30, 2016Written by Tyler Treese

One of the games that PlayStation 4 owners were likely excited to see at this week’s PlayStation Expo was Insomniac Games’ Spider-Man. The action game has been absent from the spotlight since it was revealed at E3 earlier this year, and only saw a brief clip when the PS4 Pro was unveiled. Thus, it’d make sense for the game to receive a bit of a spotlight at either this week’s PlayStation Expo event or at Geoff Keighley’s The Game Awards on Thursday.

It turns out neither will be the case, as Insomniac Games have smartly gotten ahead of the events and told gamers that the PlayStation 4 exclusive won’t be making an appearance. “Hey, Web-Heads,” wrote the developer on Twitter. “We’re not showing new #SpiderManPS4 content at PSX/The Game Awards, but we’re hard at work on cool stuff to share in 2017.”

It’s an intelligent move on Insomniac’s part, as fans would likely be disappointed by the game no-showing the event. By telling us now, the spotlight will be what is actually shown at both the PlayStation Experience and The Game Awards, instead of what isn’t there. I’m sure other developers are happy that the Burbank-based studio won’t be taking attention away from simply not being there.

Still, this didn’t stop gamers from getting upset (as this is the internet, after all). In responding to a fan asking why they “[waited] until three days before PSX to tell us this,” the developer explained that it “sometimes takes a little time to get all the parties on board with making a statement.” Insomniac also said that they “understand the disappointment” and that they were “working hard here.”

Expect more on Insomniac’s PlayStation 4 exclusive Spider-Man game in 2017.

(Source: Twitter)