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PaRappa the Rapper Game Gets Rated in Korea

Remember PaRappa the Rapper? Yeah, that same one that got a game way back during 1996 for the original PlayStation. Could PaRappa be making a comeback on the PS4?

The Korea Game Rating Board has posted a rating for “PaRappa the Rapper” with Sony Interactive Entertainment Korea as the publisher. No specific platform was mentioned.Bear in mind that this isn’t a confirmation of a new PaRappa game, since this could very well be for a port of the original games.

Of course, with Sony’s PlayStation Experience press conference happening tomorrow, don’t let us stop you from thinking that these two things are tied together somehow. Could there be a PaRappa sighting tomorrow? If there is, act a little bit surprised, okay?

Would you want Sony to resurrect PaRappa? Would that kind of game even sell nowadays?

[Source: Gematsu]