The Last Guardian Update 1.02 Is 1.1GB, Adds HDR Support & Fixes Issues

Ahead of The Last Guardian’s release this week, it’s been revealed by players that update 1.02 is around a 1.1GB download.

According to players, The Last Guardian update 1.01 went live last week, weighing in at around 1GB. Then, on Sunday, update 1.02 was made available, clocking in at 175MB. The PlayStation 4’s Update History says “various other improvements and fixes have also been made” with both patches, while 1.01 added HDR support.

Although there’s no mention of PS4 Pro support in the patch notes, Eurogamer confirms that The Last Guardian currently utilizes Sony’s new console. Since there aren’t any in-game settings for PS4 Pro resolution, you’ll have to choose between 1080p or 2160p in the system’s video settings. 2160p will get you an 1890p resolution with some frame-rate issues in the more taxing moments, while 1080p will get you a 1080p resolution with a smooth 30 frames-per-second.

The Last Guardian review embargo has lifted, and you can expect our review later today.

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