Titanfall 2 Double XP Event Happening This Coming Weekend

December 7, 2016Written by Alex Co


If you just bought Titanfall 2 or want to regen (Titanfall’s form of Call of Duty’s “Prestige”system) as quickly as possible, then you’re in luck! Respawn is turning the switch on for the first Titanfall 2 double XP weekend!

Starting December 9, and lasting until December 11, players will earn double XP for all official game modes. I’m assuming private matches are excluded from this double XP thing, but you’re welcome to try.

Hopefully, this helps new players unlock the gears that they want much faster. For those who are planning on regening once again (like me!), then this will surely help.

Are you going to play Titanfall 2 this weekend for some double XP or do you have another multiplayer game taking your time?

[Source: Titanfall (Twitter)]