The Last Guardian Accolades Trailer Highlights the Obvious

Sony has released The Last Guardian accolades trailer, which, as you can guess, puts the spotlight on the adventure game’s impressive review scores.

Notable quotes like “A Gaming Masterpiece” by The Washington Post starts the trailer off, with its impressive slate of scores plastered near the end of the trailer. And yes, PlayStation LifeStyle’s 10/10 score is well represented as well.

Speaking of which, make sure to read our review where we mention the following to accompany our Editor’s Choice badge:

In an industry where every developer packs in as many new features, as many modes, options, and configurations, The Last Guardian has no upgrades, no leveling, no add-on map packs, no RPG elements – it is an almost solitary experience, between nothing more than a boy, a beast, and the big world around them, yet it outshines nearly everything else. Video games as a market might demand the Call of Duty’s of the world to move units and put a spotlight on the industry through hype and marketing buzz, but video games as a medium deserves The Last Guardian.

Beautiful. In every way.

Yep, it’s really that good. And if you’re not a fan of accolades, go check out this rather good commercial where a couple tries to take Trico in as  pet.