Dynasty Warriors: Godseekers Strategic Gameplay Elements Detailed, Watch a New Trailer

Koei Tecmo recently sent over a press releasing detailing the strategic gameplay elements of its upcoming title, Dynasty Warriors: Godseekers, alongside publishing the trailer above. In this video, you can check out the Synchro Mode, which is enabled after successfully defeating enemies, allowing players to launch powerful attacks to destroy foes.

The publisher further wrote:

Dynasty Warriors: Godseekers utilizes a tactical gameplay system wherein players strategically move their units across a battlefield to defeat opposing forces. Actions take place on a grid, with units moving a select set of spaces before carrying out offensive or defensive maneuvers. Cunningly attacking from the sides and rear of an enemy will deal significant amounts of damage, allowing units to be eliminated more efficiently.

A useful companion in battle, Lixia has strong powers once sealed away into orbs. Lixia’s Orbs are unique objects that can lend an upper hand against tougher opponents. Whether the player chooses to envelop the battlefield in flames or flood enemy strongholds, these elemental changes will break through defenses and reduce infantry numbers! Players will unlock and obtain a variety of Orbs through the story, each offering its own unique abilities.


Outside of combat, players can further immerse themselves in the fascinating Three Kingdoms period through conversations with other officers. Path of Destiny episodes are unlocked during encounters on the front lines, and provide access to unique battles, new companions, monetary bonuses and useful items.

Those who purchase the game within its first month of release will be entitled to receive a selection of costumes to personalize gameplay. Lixia will get the “Diaochan” costume while Guan Yinping and Lu Lingqi will get special costumes sporting fox ears and tails.

Dynasty Warriors: Godseekers on January 31, 2017 for the PlayStation 4 and PS Vita.