The Last Guardian Had Items for the Boy to Eat When it Was In Development for PS3

As part of an interview with creator Fumito Ueda, Glixel learned some interesting things about The Last Guardian, including the fact that there was once a time during development where the boy also ate, but it was cut when the project moved from PS3 to PS4. Ueda explained:

When the game was in development for the PS3, we had items for the boy to eat. But with the budget cut that came with moving it from PlayStation 3 to PlayStation 4, and because I wanted the player to concentrate on taking care of Trico, we removed the management of the boy from the game.

Throughout The Last Guardian, you locate barrels of food for Trico, and if you keep your eyes peeled in the game for green, translucent orbs, you can potentially unlock the Trophy called The Call of Nature, which requires you to “catch Trico… in the act.” Even though it’s a Gold, it’s the fourth-most unlocked Trophy by registered players on Exophase.

Back when Ueda was working on Ico for PS2, the team intended to include some bats, but they were held back due to time constraints. With The Last Guardian, you’ll sometimes find bats idling in doors, and it turns out that they utilize original animation data created for Ico.

If you’ve been playing The Last Guardian and want Trico’s blood stains to disappear – and there isn’t a pool of water nearby – you can press the circle button in the location of the wound.

You can also make the boy run in place while holding the R1 button:

The Last Guardian released earlier this month for PS4 and earned a 10/10 from us.

[Source: Glixel]