Best of 2016 Awards – Best Shooter

In our Best of 2016 awards for this Tuesday, we name the best shooting games of 2016, and of course, pick a winner.

It’s been one heck of a year for shooter fans, what with the genre catering to every fan’s needs. There’s a ton of awesome multiplayer games released, some even scratching that MMORPG itch, and even settings too with a first-person shooter game based on World War 1, and of course, the usual suspects. Same as in our other awards, the winner was picked based on the total number of votes it got among staff, and not based on the review score.

Given how there are a lot of shooter fans and they like different things, or are loyal to a franchise, it’s safe to assume that this is one category winner that will have a lot of discussion. What’s your favorite shooter of 2016? How would you rank the top three? Share your thoughts below.

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