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Everything Wrong With Battlefield 1

November 4, 2016Written by Alex Co

October has seen its fair share of high profile game releases, and one of the biggest is EA’s Battlefield 1. While we gave the game high marks and lauded its multiplayer, there’s still a thing or two that didn’t sit well with us when it comes to DICE’s latest first-person shooter.

In this Everything Wrong With Battlefield 1 episode, we talk about some of the things we didn’t like in BF1. Mind, some of these might be nitpicking, but that’s what our video is all about. Prepare to hear about bugs, PS4 performance stuff and more.

Do you agree with our Battlefield 1 nitpicks? And did we miss anything? If so, let us know in the comments below. Stay tuned for more Everything Wrong With episodes in the coming weeks.

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