Don’t Expect a Direct Sequel to I Am Setsuna

One of the most pleasant role-playing game surprises this year was I am Setsuna. The gorgeous-looking debut from Tokyo RPG Factory was a good, if not great, foray into the genre that was a celebration of the genre’s past. Publisher Square Enix released a new video featuring an interview where the staff behind the game answer some of the most desired questions from fans.

Naturally, talk of a sequel happened, so here’s what the English and PC director Usuke Kumagai had to say on thoughts about the game possibly getting a direct sequel:

“We see I am Setsuna as a complete game in its own right and are not currently considering doing a direct sequel. However, we would like to continue making games based around the same core concepts. At Tokyo RPG Factory we set our objective for Project Setsuna as taking the unique appeal of the RPGs from the 90s and using a group of developers who loved those games to further evolve them as modern games.”

That’s probably the best answer that gamers could expect to hear from the team. As Kumagai correctly points out, I am Setsuna does feel like a complete game, and working on a direct sequel wouldn’t mesh creatively. However, the role-playing game did have some great ideas, and if the team can flesh those out in a new setting, then gamers will get an end result that is even better than I am Setsuna.

Even more questions are answered in the subtitled video above, so check it out.

(Source: Square Enix via Gematsu)