New Sony Video Highlights Some of the PS4 Console Exclusives Coming in 2017

In a newly released video by PlayStation Europe, they showcase “just a few of the PS4 console exclusives we have coming” in 2017. Although Detroit: Become Human and Dreams (two games without release windows) are featured in the video, suggesting 2017 launches for both, Sony Worldwide Studios President Shuhei Yoshida tweeted that they were mistakenly included.

Here’s all of the PS4 titles you’ll see in the video, complete with the listed exclusivity status (“console exclusive” essentially means it’s also coming to PC):

  • Gran Turismo Sport (PS4 exclusive)
  • Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice (PS4 console exclusive)
  • Drawn to Death (PS4 exclusive)
  • NieR: Automata (PS4 exclusive)
  • Detroit: Become Human (PS4 exclusive)
  • Yakuza 0 (PS4 exclusive)
  • Farpoint (PSVR exclusive)
  • Uncharted: The Lost Legacy (PS4 exclusive)
  • Matterfall (PS4 exclusive)
  • Gravity Rush 2 (PS4 exclusive)
  • WipEout Omega Collection (PS4 exclusive)
  • MLB The Show 17 (PS4 exclusive)
  • New Everybody’s Golf (PS4 exclusive)
  • Dreams (PS4 exclusive)
  • Pyre (PS4 console exclusive)
  • Persona 5 (PS4 console exclusive)
  • Nioh (PS4 console exclusive)
  • World of Warriors (PS4 exclusive)
  • Nex Machina (PS4 console exclusive)
  • Knack 2 (PS4 exclusive)
  • PaRappa the Rapper Remastered (PS4 exclusive)
  • Starblood Arena (PSVR exclusive)
  • Horizon Zero Dawn (PS4 exclusive)

It’s worth noting that NieR: Automata is also coming to PC, Nioh appears to be a full PS4 exclusive, and Persona 5 is coming to PS3, in addition to PS4.

Sony also brought out this short Countdown Trailer for Horizon Zero Dawn, which takes us to the future:

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Which PS4 exclusives are you looking forward to in 2017?

[Source: PlayStation Europe, Shuhei Yoshida]