Most Anticipated Games 2017

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Oh sure, we had a Most Anticipated Game Award as part of our Game of the Year Award extravaganza, but what games are we each, personally, most excited for in 2017? For the record, the term “games” does include non-PlayStation titles, whereas our GOTY awards piece was centered around games that are coming out on PlayStation platforms. Considering we’re called PlayStation LifeStyle, that makes sense, no?

2017 is going to have a stellar line-up if nothing is pushed into 2018 or later. It was hard to vote for just one thing like we had to with the awards. Not to mention, some of our most anticipated titles didn’t even make the top 10 list for voting. Without further delay, here are the staff’s individual most anticipated games of 2017.

Are you looking forward to any non-PlayStation titles in 2017? Sound off on what you’re the most excited about below!

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