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Nostalgia! Do You Remember All These PlayStation Slogans?

[Dumbsclaimer: These are pretty obviously not real Sony PlayStation slogans. Humor. Happy New Year, guys. -The Management]

Hoo boy! We’re at the end of a year, the perfect time to look back. But let’s look way, way back! I’ve compiled a list of all PlayStation slogans over these years. Is it “Greatness Awaits?” The mid-90s classic “You Are Not Ready?” Which of these PlayStation slogans was your favorite?

  • Isn’t it Time to Play some Station?
  • Prepare for Life-Altering Addiction
  • Who Loves the Color Gray?
  • Explain to Me a CD-ROM
  • Those Plays Are Coming From Inside the Station
  • I Defy You to Play the Station!
  • What About Sony?
  • Play Some Games, Ass
  • Not Since Father Left Us
  • Plug in the Cable if You’re Able!
  • You’ve Got Some Gaming to Do
  • We All Owe Someone Something
  • Who’s Going to Pick All This Shit Up?
  • Rub Your Greasy Hands on These Xs and Os
  • You’re Going to Need a Second Job
  • That Son of a Bitch Hasn’t Paid His Child Support
  • It Infiltrates Your Skin
  • Game Disc to the Fun Hole!
  • This Is a Video Game System
  • I Can’t Join the Party Due to Ugly Body
  • We Don’t Call it “Ex” We Call it “Cross,” Like Jesus
  • Under the Bed is Where the Secrets Lie
  • Triangle, Circle, Square, ~Lust~
  • Someone Has to Talk to Susan About Her Problems, And It’s Not Going to be Me
  • Wrap it in CDs
  • Disc Cutter
  • We’re Coming for You
  • Hold it All in, if You Can
  • Data Romance
  • I Admire Your Choices
  • Make Them Want to Be You
  • Love Between the Data Masses
  • Another Game Machine
  • Not Your Grandpa’s Game Machine Unless Your Grandpa Works for Sony in Which Case We Apologize and Also Hello Davey How Are You Today
  • The Dress She Wore That Night
  • We’re Taking This Fucker Into Dark Water
  • Maybe Rub a Video Game on That?
  • Lower Your Voice, Jeffery, It’s Going to be Alright
  • That’s What the Ocean Will Do to You
  • Nintendo

Wowzers! That was one heck of a trip down memory lane! How many of these PlayStation slogans do you remember? What was your favorite?

Happy New Year everybody!