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YouTube Takes Down PlayStation’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales Trailer Due to Copyright Claim by Gameloft

In a rather bizarre development, YouTube has taken down the official Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales trailer from PlayStation’s account due to a copyright claim by French games studio, Gameloft.

We’re not sure when the trailer was taken down but the screenshot pictured above started trending over the weekend, leaving fans puzzled. Insomniac Games didn’t respond to inquiring minds but this is probably going to be handled by Sony Interactive Entertainment on behalf of the studio.

Fans have theorized that Gameloft, which is primarily a mobile games studio, found some kind of similarity between its mobile Spider-Man game and Insomniac Games’ upcoming title. However, others believe that Gameloft might not even be involved in the copyright strike, which could be the result of YouTube’s controversial algorithms. Theories about legal action between Sony and Gameloft seem a bit far-fetched at this time but the takedown has highlighted the plight of many small YouTubers who have often complained about being unfairly targeted by the site’s copyright strike system. While Sony has the ability to pick up the phone and rectify this situation, small channels aren’t that lucky.

We’ll see how this pans out when offices open on Monday. Neither Sony nor Gameloft (which is owned by none other than the infamous Vivendi) have commented on this development but we’ll keep our readers posted. In the meantime, let us know what you think resulted in the copyright strike.

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[Source: ResetEra]