Insomniac Games Wolverine PS5 gameplay leak footage

New Wolverine PS5 Gameplay Footage Has Leaked

Several minutes of Marvel’s Wolverine gameplay recently surfaced online. The leaks offer glimpses of combat, traversal, and story. While the build is unfinished, it shows that Insomniac Games’ upcoming PS5 action game is in a playable state.

What was in the Wolverine gameplay leak?

The new Wolverine gameplay leaks stem from last year’s Insomniac Games ransomware attack. However, the latest footage seems to have surfaced over the last several days. Two short videos showing combat and open-world traversal were uploaded to the website Streamable. A third, longer video was also uploaded to YouTube and showcases cutscenes and combat set pieces from a specific point in the story.

The traversal videos show Wolverine climbing and free running around the city on the tropical island of Madripoor while another shows Logan’s escape from the Weapon X facility. However, the best look at Wolverine gameplay is in the longer video on YouTube. That video also gives the most narrative context.

The longer Wolverine gameplay video opens with Logan standing in what appears to be a hotel bar, where a mission popup instructs the player to find Princess Bar, where Logan saw Mystique years earlier. His jog to the bar also offers a decent look at the city. This district resembles the stereotype of a small Latin American country. However, viewers may notice the modern skyscrapers rising in the distance.

Upon reaching the Princess Bar, there’s a flashback of Wolverine sharing a drink with Mystique. Logan attempts to get information from the mysterious owner, Tyger, a name that might ring a few bells for X-Men fans. However, their conversation is cut short by the arrival of the ninja-like Reavers. Several minutes of combat follows including a boss fights with a hovering enemy.