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New PlayStation App Integrates With Your PS5, Lets You Manage Storage, Remote Downloads, and More

Sony’s recent updates to the PS4, web-based PlayStation Store, and existing PlayStation apps have all been in preparation of a new more unified experience for your PSN profile. The new PlayStation App, available on iOS and Android, allows you to handle all of your essential PlayStation functions (besides playing the games) within one shared space. Sony released a quick video on the updated functions of the app.

Besides a big visual update to coincide with the PS5 launch, the new PS App has a bunch of new and improved features that should make managing your PS5 console and PSN profile from your phone quick and easy.

Here are the big changes to the PS App:

PlayStation App PS5 Update Changes

New UI

A whole new UI cleans up the look of the app, making everything easier to find and navigate (and gives the app a much needed dark mode!). It takes from the new PS5 aesthetic some, but stands on its own as well, still being a great place for PS4 users who don’t plan to immediately pick up a PS5.


Previously, PlayStation Messages was a separate app, and quite a cumbersome one at that. Now the messages function has been rolled into the PS App, allowing you to access everything from one place.

Voice Chat/Party Groups

The new party groups that make up the messages function will also be available to manage through the PlayStation App. Better still, you can actually voice chat with up to 15 people directly from your phone. You no longer have to be on your PlayStation to join a party chat.

Sony reminds players that it is still looking into feedback about the recent party chat and message group changes, and while they don’t have anything to share regarding changes here, the fact that they even bring this up at all indicates that we’re likely to see some adjustments in the future.

new PlayStation app ps app update ps5 1

Native PS Store/Remote Downloads

Here’s a big one. The PlayStation Store on the current iteration of the app opens a new browser-based section that isn’t technically part of the app itself. Just like the PS5 OS natively integrating the PlayStation Store into the system, the PS App is doing the same. You can now browse the store, purchase games, and remote download them to your system, all from the comfort of the app.

PS5 Integration

With the PS5, the PlayStation App will effectively become a remote link to your console. You can launch games, manage storage, and sign into your PS5 right from the app. This feature is the one that has me the most excited, with a lot of room for cool interconnectivity between your phone and the console.

PlayStation News

While we’d still love for you to come to PlayStation LifeStyle to get your news, the PS App will integrate the explore tab (similar to the PS5 UI) which will curate news from the PlayStation Blog and other game developers, easy to access. Through the Explore tab, you would have found out about this new PlayStation App update rather quickly.

Sony said that the newly updated PlayStation App should start rolling out today. If you already have the PS App, look out for an application update. It will not be a whole new app.

If you have yet to download the PS App, you can find it on the App Store for iOS and Google Play Store for Android.

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