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psn messages

PSA: There Are Multiple Reports of a PSN Message Glitch Freezing and ‘Locking’ Consoles

Make sure your messages are set to “friends only.”

playstation app update

New PlayStation App Update Brings Overhauled Look to App

Streamlined experience and a new look.

Help Desk

PSLS Help Desk – How to Use PlayStation Apps to Stay Connected

It’s a connected world.

PlayStation App & PlayStation Messages App Updated to Version 4.0

You can now change your avatar from the Edit Profile menu.

PlayStation App & PlayStation Messages App Updated to Version 3.50

You can now create events.

PlayStation App & PlayStation Messages App Updated, New Features Added

The PlayStation App is now more stable!

PlayStation Messages App Available on iOS and Android, Lets You Check Friends List & Send Messages

PlayStation App loses the messaging feature.

PlayStation TV & PlayStation Vita Update 3.55, New PlayStation App Update Now Available

Looks like the Vita/TV update fixes the recent exploit.

PlayStation App Update Adds Ability to Scan and Enter PlayStation Network Cards

Android version of the update also allows the PS Store to be opened through the app.

PlayStation iOS/Android App Updated, Adds Live From PlayStation and More

It’s app-tastic!

PlayStation App Out Now on iOS and Android Devices for Free

It’s app-tastic.

PlayStation App Releases on November 12th in North America and November 22nd in Europe

Ecosystem FTW!

Shuhei Yoshida Gives a Rundown of the PlayStation App Launching With the PS4 This November

My appetite for this is high!