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PS5 Game Clips and Screenshots Can Now Be Shared Using PlayStation App

Previously in beta in Canada and Japan, a feature that allows users to auto-upload PS5 game clips and screenshots to the cloud and then share them via the PS App is being rolled out in other regions. This was first brought to light by a Twitter user and has since been confirmed by Reddit users, most of whom are based in the United States. You need to have the latest PS5 firmware and the latest version of the PS App installed before trying your luck.

How to share PS5 game clips and screenshots via PS App

Once you’ve ensured that your firmware and app are up to date and both are linked, record a clip or take a screenshot of a game on your PS5 and then head over to the capture gallery. If the feature has begun rolling out in your region, you’ll get a pop-up that asks you if you want to automatically upload your game captures and view them on the PS App.

Your videos and screenshots will be available on the PS App for two weeks and you’ll be able to share them with your PSN friends or parties. You can also save the media on to your phone or post the captures on social media. The caveat is that you can only auto-upload non-4K clips that are under three minutes and/or screenshots taken from the Create Menu or Create button shortcuts.

Sony has published an exhaustive FAQ on its website explaining the feature so make sure to head over there for more information.

In other news, a bug that displayed PS4 trophies as PS3 games refueled speculations of PS5 backwards compatibility with older libraries, and FromSoftware has said that Elden Ring won’t be a stressful game.