PlayStation App Capture Share

PS5 Screenshots and Game Clip Captures to be Shared Through the PlayStation App, Feature Currently in Beta in Limited Countries

A new app beta has gone live in Japan and Canada that allows players to share their PS5 game capture screenshots and clips through the PlayStation App on their phones. Although the feature is only currently being tested in these two countries, it suggests it will eventually be making its way to all players who use the PlayStation App.

Those in Japan and Canada who have the PlayStation App can download the latest update, which was released today, on iOS and Android. They’ll also need to make sure their PlayStation 5 console is linked to the app, is left in rest mode when not in use, and has the “Stay Connected to the Internet” setting enabled. This will allow the console to automatically upload eligible clips and screenshots to the cloud, which will then be available from the app. Content can not be uploaded manually and only content created after enabling the app feature will be uploaded, so no previous screenshots or game clips will be uploaded prior to this setting being enabled.

All uploaded captures will be viewable in the app for 14 days after they’ve been created. Eligible screenshots include both those taken from the Create Menu shortcut and those from the Create button shortcut. Those automatically taken at the moment of earning a trophy or captured during Activity Challenges are not uploaded via this feature. Gameplay videos are restricted to under three minutes long and have a maximum resolution of 1920×1080. Once they’re uploaded to the app, they can be shared with PlayStation Network friends and parties, posted on social media platforms, or just simply saved on the phone.

PlayStation Plus membership is not required to take part in the beta, but it’s unclear whether players will need a subscription when the feature launches fully. There’s also no word on whether the functionality will be extended to PlayStation 4 consoles too as some features could change between the beta and the final version. There’s currently no estimated time frame for the full release of this feature to the PlayStation App in all countries.

[Source: Twitter]