PS Vita Version of Rainbow Skies Won’t Be Cancelled, EastAsiaSoft Assures

Because they’ve seen so many PlayStation Vita versions of games get cancelled, developer/publisher EastAsiaSoft went on Twitter to assure fans that Rainbow Skies will definitely release on Vita:

Rainbow Skies is currently scheduled for a 2017 digital launch on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PS Vita (it was 85% complete in December). EastAsiaSoft says a physical release will “most likely” happen, but don’t expect a PS3 version to be available:

We looked into a physical PS3 release of Rainbow Skies but unfortunately it looks very unlikely at the moment. Rainbow Skies heavily relies on fast access times, so we would need to change a lot to make the game run from disc. 

Not impossible but compared to PS4/Vita, it’s a ton of extra work and most likely not worth it.

In response to some questions, EastAsiaSoft added that a PS3 physical version would require one or two months of work because “the load times are different [when it comes to digital vs. disc]. We would not to cache data on HDD. It needs [an] installer, an extra menu, and other changes.”

Are you planning on getting Rainbow Skies when it launches?

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