2D Platformer 88 Heroes Dated for March, PS4 Gets Physical Edition and Exclusive Content

88 Heroes, the frantic 2D platformer in the works at developer Bitmap Bureau, has been slated for a March release on all platforms.

Set to hit Xbox One, PC and PS4, those on the latter platform can look forward to a physical release to boot courtesy of publisher Rising Star Games. That’s not all; the PS4 version of 88 Heroes will come packing two exclusive characters in the form of Cath Letics and The Mime (the details of which you can find below) as well as an exclusive H8 Mode. Comprised of eight all-new levels, expect that new addition to herald a “super-charged hardcore challenge.”

Here’s the skinny on those two heroes, which brings the total roster up to 90.

  • Cath Letics – her super-sprint and long jump skills are activated by hammering the action button just like in an athletics videogame of yesteryear;
  • The Mime – push the action button and The Mime will perform the classic “trapped in a glass box” mime action, confusing and befuddling enemies and making them turn away.

Pitched as a “frantic, funny and crowd-pleasing platformer,” 88 Heroes tasks players with completing all 88 levels in just under an hour and a half (spoilers: it’s 88 minutes). The full trophy list has also popped ahead of release, which you can peruse through the gallery below.

“The game is a chaotic 2D platformer that is as fun to watch as it is to play, where each level completed or untimely death brings a new uniquely skilled hero into the action. With just 88 minutes to complete all 88 levels, you’ll need every one of the 88 heroes to stop the dastardly Dr. H8 destroying the Earth! Are you up to the challenge?”

88 Heroes will make a beeline for PS4, Xbox One and PC sometime in March.

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