Retro 2D Platformer Aggelos Will Get a Physical Release in September

Aggelos, a retro-inspired 2D platformer from PQube and Wonderboy Bobi, is already digitally available on the PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PC, and Xbox One. In fact, the title hit the PS4 and Xbox One platforms earlier this month. There will soon exist another purchasing option, however, courtesy of an impending physical release for both the PS4 and Nintendo Switch. The physical launch will come to Europe on September 20, 2019. Meanwhile, it will receive a similar launch in North American territories a few days later on September 24th. For now, the physical edition’s price remains under wraps.

PQube announced the news on its official Twitter account. Check out the post below:

Inspired by retro Japanese adventures from the 16-bit era, Aggelos plants players in a Metroidvania-style world which features a kingdom in desperate need of saving. The Kingdom of Lumen has many sprawling landscapes, complete with caves, forests, and more all worthy of exploration. During their adventures, players will encounter magical creatures and strange elements, while scouring to find new gear and gain additional abilities.

Such herculean efforts won’t be for naught, either. In Aggelos, a variety of bizarre beings from a different dimension threaten to overtake the once peaceful Kingdom of Lumen. Naturally, the player character is the most likely candidate to save the realm from sure destruction. Finding the ideal way in which to thwart the enemies’ advances will prove a difficult task. Yet, amidst the fighting and leveling up, players will also encounter a number of side quests and secrets tucked away within the world.

[Source: PQube on Twitter via Gematsu]