Save a Kingdom from Annihilation in Retro 2D Platformer Aggelos, Out Now on PS4

After a PC release in summer 2018 and Nintendo Switch launch earlier this year, publisher PQube and Developer Wonderboy Boi are finally bringing retro platformer Aggelos to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. In fact, the game is out today on the latter two platforms for $14.99.

Inspired by retro Japanese adventures, Aggelos looks as if it could’ve been developed during the 16-bit era. The 2D action title’s gameplay mechanics, however, are said to be very much of a modern variety. It seems there is plenty to experience, too. Like the non-linear Japanese adventure games from which it takes inspiration, Aggelos drops players into a Metroidvania-esque world, one where exploration is key. The exploration area itself is rather large, courtesy of the sprawling Kingdom of Lumen where there exists much to discover in caves, forests, and temples. During the adventure, players will come across magical elements, creatures, and the like, all while obtaining new gear and skills.

Get a quick look at Aggelos in the trailer below:

There’s an epic premise nestled behind the glamor of Aggelos’ retro 2D action aesthetic, too. The Kindom of Lumen is at risk of being overrun by strange beings from another dimension. As such, this once peaceful realm requires someone’s assistance in restoring order. This, of course, is where the player character enters into the picture, exploring the unseen to discover the magical means that will help save the Kingdom of Lumen from certain damnation.

In searching for a way to save the Kingdom, players should expect to encounter myriad secrets, side quests, and more. But engaging in such ventures also means running across threats, many of which take on the form of boss battles. Enter the game’s acclaimed melee combat and 2D platforming mechanics.

Aggelos is out now on the PS4 and Xbox One.

[Source: PQube via Gamasutra]