Q1 2017 Video Game Release Schedule the “Strongest in Years” According to UK Retailers

If you’ve been paying attention to when games are set to be released, which is highly likely given you’re reading this, then chances are you’ve already allocated a fair amount of money for this year’s Q1 video games.

The fact that Q1 2017’s release slate for games is very strong has not escaped the retailers’ eye as well. Here’s some of the UK retailer execs’ comments regarding Q1 which most of them deem as the strongest it has been in years.

Neil Muspratt (Simply Games Director): This Q1 is so much better than the same periods during the last few years. For the last three years or so, Q1 has been a very challenging time of year. So it’s great to start a year with lots of new product and a decent pre-sale message.

Robert Lindsay (Games Centre MD): Q1 has the strongest line up I’ve seen in a while. Resident Evil VII is pre-ordering well and has become the first post-launch must-have title for PSVR. Huge hype around Mass Effect and South Park could outperform expectations.

Alison Fraser (ShopTo Head of Commercial): Resident Evil VII is the first highpoint of Q1 with customers eager for a new game to immerse themselves in. The hype for Mass Effect and Horizon is building so they should result in some healthy Q1 sales. The date slipping on South Park disappointed many so it should sell very well, especially being so different from other releases.

With proven franchises like Mass Effect Andromeda and newcomers like Horizon Zero Dawn all coming out in Q1 — and add in a new console being released in the quarter with the Nintendo Switch — the rest of the year’s release window might pale in comparison, no? But then again, we don’t know a lot of the games set for release later this year.

One thing’s for sure though, it’s a very expensive time to be a gamer this Q1 2017. Don’t believe me? Check out our confirmed PlayStation games of 2017 below and count how many are must-buys in your eyes. Remember, that doesn’t even count other platforms, accessories, and other stuff.

[Source: MCV]