Horror Game Perception Stars a Blind Protagonist, Coming to PS4

Indie studio The Deep End Games announced on the PlayStation Blog that they are working with publisher Feardemic to bring their debut horror game to PlayStation 4. Called Perception, the game puts players in the shoes of Cassie, a heroine that happens to be blind. Players will have to use her sense of hearing to unravel mysteries, and deal with a “mysterious force” that is haunting the mansion.

Here’s what the game’s creative director Bill Gardner had to say about the gameplay over at the PlayStation Blog:

Cassie finds her way by tapping her cane and can “see” via echolocation. She needs to avoid detection and uses ambient sounds of the house to help her navigate or uses objects to create distractions. Every sound creates a visual. But there is a costsound will attract your enemies and reveal your location.

But you’ll also need to match wits with the Presence, a mysterious force that haunts the mansion. When playing, you must carefully weigh the risk of making too much noise against the possibility of being discovered. Once spotted, your only hope is to run, hide, and pray that it doesn’t find you. Cassie can also use the ambient sounds of the house to her advantage, by throwing objects like alarm clocks to create “sound bombs” that can distract her enemies.

The Deep End Games, which was founded by industry veterans that previously worked on BioShock and Dead Space, are currently developing Perception for PlayStation 4 and PC. According to the game’s KickStarter, it was originally targeted for a June 2016 release. A new release date has not been announced.

(Source: PlayStation Blog)