Inside Developer Playdead Teases Next Game

Inside and Limbo developer Playdead has been in the news this week since details from the mid-2016 departure of studio co-founder Dino Patti had started to emerge. The news of a $7 million payout probably wasn’t what the studio wanted to see in the headlines, and as such, they’ve made a pretty classic move to get people talking about something else. They did just that by teasing their next project on social media.

“Thanks for your warm reception of INSIDE,” wrote the developer’s official Twitter account. “Since release, Playdead founder Arnt Jensen and the team have been working on the next adventure.” They then attached the first screenshot, which can be seen above, of the currently unnamed project.

The Copenhagen-based developer released their first game, Limbo, in July of 2010. The puzzle platformer was critically acclaimed due to its use of audio and dark presentation. Six years later, they released their second game called Inside on Xbox One, PC and PlayStation 4. Similar to Limbo, it was met with much praise, including a very positive review from PlayStation LifeStyle.

In our review, Alex Co called Inside “a rabbit hole that you’ll find comfort in diving into,” and said that it featured “a story that’ll make you ask questions and stick to your brain long after it’s over, which is rare in our medium.”

We’ll have more on Playdead’s latest project when it’s officially announced and more details are made available. Until then, we’ll just hope it doesn’t take six years to be released.

(Source: Playdead)